Video Poker Trainer

  • May 08, 2023

The most popular alternative to online slots at online casinos is video poker. Video poker is simple to play and has solid prize potential. With perfect play, you can sometimes completely eliminate the house edge.

However, most people do not practice perfect play when they play video poker. This is leaving money at the table. One of the best ways to perfect your strategy at video poker is by investing in a video poker trainer. These programs can help you learn and master perfect strategy. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a video poker trainer program.

Perfect Your Strategy Through Play – Not Theory

When you use a video poker trainer to perfect your strategy, you do so by playing the games. You are dealt various hand scenarios that occur in video poker games and you must make your decision. If you make a mistake in your play, the program will immediately point out your mistake and tell you the correct play to make.

This feature is most helpful in situations where the clear play isn’t always obvious. For example, if you have a pair of tens and a J-Q-K, do you keep the straight draw or the tens? A video poker trainer will help you make the correct play and will generally give you the odds behind the correct play versus the incorrect play.

Learn Other Forms of Video Poker

Video poker is not a one strategy fits all type of game. If you know how to play Jacks or Better perfectly, that strategy will not work for Double Double Bonus or Joker Poker. For example, if you have A-A-2-2-6 in Double Double Bonus, it is actually correct to drop the deuces versus keeping the two pair.

Quality video poker trainers will help you learn perfect strategy for dozens of different video poker variants. This gives you more opportunities to win at video poker and gives you a greater arsenal for the times you go to a casino where your preferred game or video poker pay table is not available.

Low-Cost Way to Improve Your Skills

Old school video poker players only had a couple of ways to improve their strategy. They had to buy poker books or spend a lot of time playing video poker. The earliest forms of video poker training software were not very good as they did not emulate actual game play.

Things have changed over the years and you can find various video poker training programs that will help you improve your game. Some involve a small investment between $25 and $100. These are usually higher quality and cover more variants. However, if you want to improve your strategy on Jacks or Better or other common variants, there are some good free trainers out there as well.

Decisions Will Be Faster and Easier

Video poker trainers use repetition to help you improve your strategy. The more you play a situation correctly, the more likely you’ll remember it in actual game play. It becomes a form of muscle memory, but in this case, it will be mental muscle memory.

Over time, you’ll make decisions faster which will result in more play during your sessions. You’ll also make fewer mistakes as you’ll already know the best play without having to stop and think about the situation.

For starters, you will reduce the house edge to the lowest possible for your game. This will allow you to lose less when you do lose and gives you a better chance of winning more.

When you know the best decisions to make, you set yourself up to make a winning decision each time. There are times where this could pay off royally, and yes the pun was intended. I can tell you from experience that a video poker trainer has paid for itself many times over. Invest some money and take some time to improve your strategy with a video poker trainer and you’ll see your results improve.